Friday, August 17, 2012

San Diego

 So last weekend the husband and I decided to go down to San Diego. We started off out trip with a visit to the San Diego Zoo. I have not been there since sometime around 1985 so everything was new to me..

This guy was about 6 feet away with the barrier being some kind of metal net. I wanted to reach in and pet him, but I didn't because I like my fingers

This elephant had just gotten his pedicure and was probably showing off his nice nails. Elephants receive pedicures at the zoo because their feet are prone to infection and they must be taken care of to keep them healthy.

A Meercat, I thought it was a large ferret. I wanted one so bad...

A shy lion, she would not turn towards the front to allow me to get a good picture.

I wanted this polar bear too.

Pandas are so much bigger in person.

A mom and her baby hippo. The baby was a year old and weighed a lot!

A tired tiger.

There was a baby giraffe born the night before we got there, sadly it never made an appearance outside.

What is worse that a snake? A two headed snake, CREEPY!
 That was the end of the San Diego Zoo. We were there for 5 hours and still never got to see everything. I highly recommend taking the bus tour. It is included in the price of the ticket and from the top level you can see everything.

The next day we drove up to San Clemente so my husband could get work done on his tattoo at San Clemente Tattoo. It is a nice shop that does wonderful work. While he got his sleeve worked on I read a book. Once we got back to Encinitas (35 miles north of San Diego) it was time to make dinner plans. We decided to go to Casa Guadalajara for some good Mexican food and huge margaritas. We noticed that we were close the the Coaster Station and decided to see if we could public transit it. After reading the maps we decided that we could take the Coaster from Encinitas to Old Town San Diego for only $22.00 total and it took about 40 minutes each way. Not bad considering we wouldn't be stuck in traffic, have to find parking, and then pay for parking.
The husband waiting for the Coaster.

A view of the Pacific Ocean from the Coaster somewhere around Solana Beach.

Margaritas! The one on the left was a 32oz strawberry for only $7.95 and the one on the right was a medium peach for $6.95. I knew I wouldn't finish a large one.

Waiting at Old Town Station for the Coaster home. This is a trolley that runs in certain parts of San Diego. I have ridden these before and found them to be quite reliable. 

The next night we went back into downtown San Diego to have dinner with my cousins and to go to a concert. We got to see Old Man Markley and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Sadly, I did not get pictures of that night. The next day I was forced to drive home from San Diego an experience that I never want to have again. It is not fun driving 75 on the freeway and seeing something bounce out of some guys truck, come directly at you, and you have no where to go. Luckily it hit the bumper and went under the car. We did have some damage but it was fixable and no one got hurt.

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  1. Fun! That looks like an awesome zoo. And wow, crazy big drinks.