Thursday, June 14, 2012

Laid Off

So we found out for sure today that my husband was laid off. Our school district has issues budgeting their money. They wanted to take back raises from teachers or they threatened to issue pink slips. People got to keep their raises, my husband is out a job. I am not upset at those that needed to keep their raises, because I am one of them. They wanted to take it back in one lump sum, which would mean at least 1 full paycheck gone, if not two. So as of right now, we are looking at making our money last. Looks like the cross country vacation will be canceled. He is so bummed, I wish I could cheer him up. Any ideas for cheering up a man who was just laid off?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Way to go Matt

My cousin, well cousin-in-law, got drafted in the Major League Baseball draft. He was picked in the 20th round by the Philadelphia Phillies. His first stop is A ball in Florida, guess I know where our next family vacation will take us. We are going to California on Saturday to say bye, as he needs to report Sunday. I am super proud of him, he is an awesome pitcher and I know he will do great things. Matt and Damian, the husband, on our wedding day.